> Is There Anything important to American, Than Protecting These 5 Things?
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Is There Anything important to American, Than Protecting These 5 Things?

 Is There Anything important to American, Than Protecting These 5 Things?

What does the united states stand - for, and represent, if we do not defend, the freedoms, rights, and liberties, that have usually, differentiated us, from a great deal of the rest of the international locations, of the arena? a famous poem, changed into written, based on the sector's lack of action, when certain ethnic organizations, had been underneath- attack, by means of the nazis, throughout global struggle ii, the ethical, of which, become, if we do not stand - up, for others, and defend their rights, and many others, there might be no person left, while we need assistance! manyConsider, the united states, is currently, witnessed, a regarding period, of time, while the haters, look like enabled/ entitled, through president trump's rhetoric/ vitriol, and hate - crimes, have substantially, escalated! despite the fact that, the proper to assemble, with non violent protests, is supposed to be, assured, by our charter, this president, has equated, those peaceful protestors, with right - wing, extremist, hate - organizations! who can forget, while he said, after the atrocities, inCharlottesville, virginia, while an person, purposely, drove right into a crowd of peaceful protestors, killing one, and trump, referred to this, as, first-rate humans on both sides? if we are hoping to preserve the soul of this country, we need to shield those five matters.
1. free speech/ right to gather: even though, i'll afflict your perspective, and views, i nonetheless accept as true with your right, to exercise your free speech, as long as you are doing so, at some point of a accountable, safe way! we will not selectively, decide,As soon as we allow this, and when, we don't! the proper , to protest, often mentioned , because the right to gather, is an crucial one, if we wish to defend our commitment to freedom!

 2. free press: our state has always felt, the click , is vital , to be our watchdog, and present the news, to the yank public! it need to be regarding, to all or any folks , regardless of our personal political choices, when, president trump, constantly assaults, any dissenting reviews, calling them, thePhony press, and pretend news, additionally as, the enemy of the human beings! 

Three. human/ civil rights/ justice: shouldn't all and sundry, irrespective of their ethnicity, and so on, and/ or, financial/ economic abilities, be entitled we same safety, of the regulation, and honest - and - same - justice? however, we have witnessed, numerous instances, whilst there was evidence of systemic racism, in our crook justice system, additionally as in police treatment, civil rights, and human rights! do not we deserve a miles higher , fairer gadget?Four. protecting public health: if it doesn't, already, this management's consistent equating, of protecting public health, with business, and monetary concerns! although, all of us, feel - the - ache, and it worries us at the same time as, economic/ financial concerns, and so on, are critical concerns, we can usually, earn cash again, however the, two hundred, 000 +, americans who have lost their lives, will by no means come lower back! the longer - time period, ramifications of sure of the instances, of this horrific virus, areUnknown, but, seem, for some, to be, very, lengthy - lasting! 

Five. get right of entry to to lower priced fitness care: without defensive and overlaying, pre - existing conditions, many people, will go through! should not excellent, low-cost, health care, be a proper, as an alternative, than, merely, an possibility , and/ or, reality, to some? earlier than the inexpensive care act, insurers, often, refused to hide something related, with those conditions! should not we fear , that, we are nearly, the only nation, with out commonplaceInsurance, of a few kind? what is the usa, if we do not are trying to find, authentic greatness, as opposed to a politician's slogan, to, make the united states terrific again? awaken , the us, and demand, maintaining, and shielding, all our liberties, freedoms, and justice, and different constitutional guarantees! 

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